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KINGS is a prestigious manufacturer of quality marine products and services. Through our complete control with our brand product line, we have established a position in the industry for advanced and reliable product range. We are constantly keeping updated with technology and striving to keep cost competitive. Kings products are fitted on Yachts, Anchor Handling Tugs, Fast Crew Boats, etc, whether it being engine controls or a steering gear system. Being a manufacturer of superior products and services, customers can be assured that the distributors and agents appointed will uphold the visions and image of the brand. The KINGS brand is helmed by a team with more than 23 years of experience in the marine industry.
Customers can be confident that we will continue to maintain our principle of providing excellent marine products and services.


To be the industry brand of choice.

Mission statement

By providing a reliable product, honest & experienced services, this allows ship crews and owners to feel confident and safe while out at sea.